Is America on the Brink
of Collapse?

by Dene  McGriff 

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Some experts are convinced that America in decline.  They have been predicting her demise for the past 40 years.  There is no doubt our borrowing and spending are out of control at levels never before seen.  The theory is that once the world realizes we are destroying our own currency, they will cease to support us.  The dollar will no longer be the world’s reserve currency and will be replaced by a basket of currencies.  Dollars will flood back into America causing the dollar to hyperinflate destroying its value. 

The question is will this be the end of America?

  • Will America disappear into the dustbin of history?  fall into obscurity?
  • What if it could no longer pay for Social Security, ObamaCare or foreign debt?
  • Can a country as big as America fail?
  • Is America without hope? Is it broke? Bankrupt?
  • Are the experts predicting the crash right?
  • Would a financial collapse destroy America and reduce it to a third world backwater?  

Let's look at this carefully. I am not defending our actions.  I don’t believe they are sustainable.  However, other countries have destroyed their currencies in the past. What happened to them? Did they just disappear or come back?  Many Christians see this as the way of getting America off the prophetic stage.  Let’s look at recent history.

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By Dene McGriff

I am writing this clarification to my recent article Global Game Changers.  The article got quite a reaction, especially from extremely alert brothers from England and Canada who are holding  this Gringo accountable.  They were absolutely correct in their criticism, calling for this response.  I wrote the last article with the idea that if these things happen, the global balance could change assuming we had decades ahead of us.  The problem is, we are just about out of time and EVENTS WILL OVERTAKE US.

Yes, Israel has these massive oil and gas fields off their coast, and given time they could be developed and Israel become very wealthy.  Yes, America has tremendous energy resources but that will take years to develop.  Yes, Russia has changed alliances to Israel, America and Europe.  And finally, yes, the Middle East will have less income from oil because increased supply will result in a lower price and less income.

But these “game changers” are trumped by political and military events.  Syria is boiling out of control and Israel will be forced to intervene to protect itself.  Iran will have nuclear weapons within the next year and Israel will have to intervene there as well with the agreement and support of Europe and Russia and the military assistance of the United States.  Syria will be first and then Iran.  Israel’s attacks on two Muslim countries and her new found wealth will hasten the beginning of the end and precipitate the Treaty with Israel, the agreement to rebuild the temple and the Gog-Magog War. 

Meanwhile, the American Administration is under siege on various issues: the IRS scandal, the AP scandal and Benghazi.  The pattern of lying and equivocation has even led the liberal press to join the attack on the President.  Here is one possible scenario.  The Israel attack on Syria and Iran will spark attacks in the United States.  This will divert the public attention from these annoying issues.  The President will sign a treaty with Israel and the countdown begins.  Martial law will be declared, America will go on a war footing and any and all criticism will be squashed. 

As regular readers know I have been predicting the coming economic collapse for years and this article seemed to contradict that position.  That was not my intention.  Even if the gas and oil reserves were to increase by a million times, it would not be enough to save us from that inevitable financial collapse.  Please see any number of articles I have written over the years.  Derivatives alone have magnified and multiplied the debt into so many quadrillions, there are not enough resources on this planet to save us.  The financial system will collapse and it will eventually be replaced by a paperless system and the “Mark of the Beast.”  (Revelation 13:11-17)  No amount of oil or any other resource is enough to arrest the natural tendency to allow government and debt continue to grow out of control.  Europe is collapsing and the rest of the world is not far behind.  It will look as if we need a New World Order; someone to save the day.

One reason for writing the article the way I did is because of the traditional “Christian” expectation that America has no place in prophecy and needs to fade away.  The point is that America is not going to lose her Number One position anytime soon, especially with new found wealth and energy self-sufficiency.  But the point also is, it takes many years to develop these resources and we don’t have much time left.  Events surrounding Israel are overtaking us even as I write this.  American will maintain her position as “Prophetic Babylon” and top dog.  Will she have time to develop these resources?  No.

The countdown is about to begin.  It seven year period known as the tribulation begins with the treaty between Israel and the Antichrist which comes about after the attacks on Syria and Iran.  It will look like America is saving Israel but in three and a half years, she turns against Israel and Christians and the final three and a half years of persecution gets underway before the return of Jesus Christ.  I hope this clarifies the article.



by Dene McGrif

Global changes in the balance of political and economic power are upon us. These changes will secure the prophetic outcome predicted long ago in the Bible. We are about to see major transformations in Russia, America, Israel and the Middle East. Russia is about to pull off the most interesting change of alliances in modern history and become an economic superstar. Israel is close to becoming one of the richest countries on earth. America is about to catapult to become an even greater commercial and military power and the Middle East will be returning to their tents in the desert.

We are very close but the focus of this article is on major game changers. First, many feel that Israel should not even exist. It is just a little postage stamp of a nation the size of New Jersey. Up until recently it had no oil or natural resources other than the resourcefulness of its people. Second, Russia has been a historic friend of the Islamic world in the Middle East since the end of WW II. It supplied Turkey, Iran, Syria, Iraq, Libya, Egypt (up until Anwar Sadat who made a historic peace with Israel), etc., with arms. It consistently voted against Israel in the UN Security Council. Third, America is viewed by Christians as a nation that is either “the light on the hill” divinely chosen by God or because it isn’t mentioned specifically, it needs to be removed from the picture. This could occur by economic collapse, the eruption of the super volcano such as Yellowstone, an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) throwing us back to the stone age or perhaps the rapture – the disappearance of 70 or 80 million Christians representing the backbone of the spirit and economy of the nation. But if America is a major player in end time’s events, it may be premature to predict her demise. America is about to become fabulously wealthy, more than she ever imagined. Fourth, the Middle East grew in importance after the War, and especially in the 70’s with the Oil Embargo. Many of these nations have used their new found wealth to provoke Israel and promote terrorism. That is about to change. So these are the four areas in which we see major game changers – with Israel, Russia, the Middle East and America.

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