How goes it?  I read your web chapter 11 on Dispensationalism (D) -- quite prolific! I really am amazed how much ground you cover… and this is just one of the chapters.

aI found it very enlightening.  I am not as up on the history of D so I really appreciated to see some of the history of D and its relationship to Covenantalism and the Lordship theology debate. I knew some of that, but was surprised that Miles Stanford was such a player in the debates.  I've always loved Green Letters for sanctification but now see how that fits in with the bigger picture of the theologies.  I also really like your chart on the breakdown of D -- truly in the dispensational tradition since they all love charts.

I personally don't get too worked up about the Trib. I will have to say that the interpretation of Rev 11, the "two witnesses" = Israel and the Church, seems like a stretch. At least it seems from Zech 11 that the two olive trees would be the two witnesses - not that the olive trees are one witness and the lampstands the other witness? I'll have to read some more on that.

How are things otherwise? We keep thinking about and praying for you guys. I do hope we can hook up this summer or fall some time and see how we can spur one another on if not work together to build something together if the Lord's into it somehow…. Greg

Bro Greg -

Getting through one chapter of The False Prophet - wow, I can hardly do that myself!  Yes, the history is fascinating.  One can now understand why it was primarily the Dispensationalists when holding their conferences (
Keswick and Niagara http://www.sermonlinks.com/Sermons/Dispensationalism/DP_3.htm ) there was in the main and always seemed to be the case at least three emphases and all under the banner:  All One in Christ (which Keswick still uses to this day):  Holiness (and this may be because of the Quaker convening of the movement in 1875, along with Hudson Taylor) - so Evangelism came into play and these two always had the Prophetic emphasis which normally wrapped up the conference.  The Niagara (NY) conferences known as the great Prophetic Conferences always had the three ingredients as well - and one can put them into all sorts of terminology - this is where Amy Carmichael of India fame came into play.

This unique and inseparable combination of emphases is what the Tribnet is ultimately all about - "The Testimony of Jesus is the Spirit of Prophecy!"  Rev. 19:10 appears and then immediately followed by the Second Coming of Christ - i.e., Bible Prophecy with all of its intricacies is inextricably connected to the Second Coming, it is not just a "telling forth" or testifying about Jesus in an evangelistic manner (bless their hearts - but Dallas Seminary's emphasis in this capacity falls tragically short) - it (prophecy) provides the "aggressiveness" - the "urgency" of the Everlasting Gospel; likewise, "Behold, I am coming as a thief - blessed is he who watches, and keeps his garments, lest he walk naked and they see his shame" (Rev. 16:15) connects holiness/the inner/outer life of the believer with His coming/prophetic.  So, when Billy Graham was introduced to Keswick in 1946 it was totally compatible with the gospel of the grace of God (

The "Victorious Christian Life" must be linked to the gospel and overshadowed by the prophetic urgency of His Coming.  I hope you "boys" (sorry, I'm nearly 70 now and that word haunts me a bit) embrace and enjoy this "Triad of Triumph" for it will serve you well. 


Now, may I mention that the Two mentioned in Zechariah 11 allude to Israel and Judah - Beauty (in two) and Bonds (in two) wherein the Mosaic Covenant would be replaced by the New Covenant for Israel - this has a profound exegesis; however, the Two to which I allude are mentioned in Zechariah 4 who are the "two olive branches" and the "two golden pipes" and the picture of the Universal Lampstand.  The "two sons of oil" or the "two anointed ones" are Joshua the High Priest and Zerubbabel the Governor (or put another way:  The "Heavens" and the "Earth" - or the Priesthood and the Kingship). 

When we come to Revelation 11 the TWO are referred to, since the revelation of the Church (the Heavens), the mystery, has been fully disclosed via Paul - John takes them into a "prophetic engagement" whereby the TWO are clearly declared to be:  "These are the two olive trees and the two lampstands standing before the God of the earth" (Rev. 11:4).  The symbolism taken from Zachariah 4 is greatly expanded - the Seven Golden Lampstands in Revelation 2-3 are the churches (whose picture of the 49 conduits to seven lamps mirrors that of Zechariah's Universal Lampstand vision); therefore, the TWO Lampstands stand for the Church.  However, the TWO (or 2 standing for WITNESS) Olive Trees are clearly Israel (these are CORPORATE BEINGS) - they are clearly designated TWO OLIVE TREES and TWO LAMPSTANDS.  I could go into copious detail here (my humility kicking in here) but please see:  Unsealing the End of Days, the Visions and Prophecy of Zechariah (

Again, we are so very blessed to connect with you brethren - we are honored that the Lord has allowed us to meet with those "in whom is no guile" - we mean this sincerely - now, how the Savior will orchestrate our goings must be shown - but I have no reason to believe that He will perfect a way for us to connect in a substantial way – He will accomplish it!

Yours for His New Move at the close of this age!

Bro. Doug

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