In Search of Mystery Babylon

By Dene McGriff

 Table of Contents

Chapter 1 The Rapture Question
Chapter 2  Chronology of the Book of Revelation
Chapter 3 The Church in Tribulation – Why?
Chapter 4 The American Empire Spreads – Confessions of a “COG”
Chapter 5 The Building of an Empire – Commercial Worldwide Dominance
Chapter 6 The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse
Chapter 7 The Changing Face of America: Deceived & Impoverished
Chapter 8 The Morphing of America
Chapter 9 The Media and Mind Control, A Strong delusion
Chapter 10 Is Democracy a Myth?
Chapter 11 Exposing the Beast – the Truth About Social Security
Chapter 12 The Coming Economic Collapse and the Rise of Babylon
Chapter 13 Derivatives, Fascism and the Almighty Dollar
Chapter 14 The Pooring of America The Economic Outlook
Chapter 15 Lies, Damned Lies…and Statistics The U.S. Economic Reports
Chapter 16 Modern Alchemy: The Money Illusion
Chapter 17 Bubbles Burst in Babylon-Your House!
Chapter 18 America The Great - Consumer Nation
Chapter 19 The American Military Who Can Make War with Him?
Chapter 20 Is America Really Free?
Chapter 21 Convergence and Confusion – What to Do?
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